HOBO Wedding in Oxford, Mississippi

Greetings from Chicago!

We pack up our HOBO gear for the long drive down south.

More than a few miles between Chicago and Oxford, Mississippi.

We made frequent stops along the way.

Runaway bride.

American Gothic Hobos.

Good eatin'

Unfortunately we missed the broom corn.

The Midwest scenery was not all that interesting.

A few strange things here:
01) The random horse sculptures.
02) The gas prices which at the time were quite insane but now not so much (sigh).
03) The really good hamburgers.

I reluctantly payed at the pump and moved on.

Road candy.

I'd like to think this was some minor league farmhand speeding his way
to the Majors after a last minute call-up.

At long last...

Welcome to Oxford

The Ceremony

Just like the old days.

The next day

Pool party done right.

Nat pulls off the classic pipe-in-a-pool look quite well.

You're up next, Mike.