Christmas in Sedona


A picturesque drive from the airport to Sedona.

It was nice to shed my heavy Chicago layers and feel the warm desert air in shorts and a t-shirt.

Along the way we stopped for lunch at the Texas Grill.

Their chicken fried steak was a local favorite.

The house we rented was out of the way and set amidst the canyons of Sedona.

Views from the kitchen sink of the surrounding canyons.

The view from the main room was pretty impressive as well.

The back porch was awesome!

The open view made it possible to enjoy the outdoors even when we weren't out exploring it elsewhere.

The view from my loft in Chicago doesn't look like this.

And my neighbor's house or its setting doesn't look like this.

Indian Ruins

We visited one of the Indian ruins in the area.

Most of what you see here are authentic cave paintings. Some are, tragically, marks of local graffiti.

This guy knew a lot about Indian tribes.

And Charles had a lot of questions for him.

What I cared about most was figuring out a good white balance setting for
my new camera to shoot these red canyon walls.

Another site elsewhere featured more heavily decorated walls.

Sedona Sunsets

The view from our deck at dusk.

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We found a good spot to watch the sun set over the main Sedona strip.

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