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Glacier Creek Packrafting

Glacier Creek Packrafting

Glacier Creek

The rapids of Glacier Creek were a little stronger than we'd expected.

A handy Hand Tram stretches across Glacier Creek.


We had to scamper down a pretty steep slope to get to a good spot to launch our packrafts.

Alex Schutz gives Kate a few pointers.

Kate gets ready to shove off.

There she goes!!

Note the half paddle.

Story time: Just 5 minutes in, the rapids flipped me into the water and smashed my head against a rock wall. I lost my boat & paddle but luckily managed to recover my boat. Alex split his paddle in half and we each went single-bladed the rest of the way.

We made frequent stops to regroup and scout the river ahead.

"Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream...
... if you see a waterfall, don't forget to scream!"

Kate muscles her way through a stretch of crazy current.

Nearing the last mile or so, the rapids become much calmer.

By the end of the trip, my head wound had clotted up pretty well.

Besides bashing my head on a rock, the only major casualty was losing my paddle.