San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Panda Bear!!

Pandas are pretty cute when they eat.

Leopards are a little less cute when they eat.

(But pretty cool nonetheless)

Shhh. We're not here.

Hey, what's up guys?

Ant Eater.

It was a little creepy the way it scuttled about.

I took this photo with my zoom lens just in case.

This lift travels from one end of the zoo to the other.

Little lizard.

Bigger lizard.

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I'd never seen a Komodo Dragon before, and this guy did not disappoint.

I kept waiting for Mothra to show up.

This camouflage isn't half bad.

(the other half is still green)

Hi there little guy!

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... or maybe just a hippopotomous.

A couple of these boulders had feet sticking out the bottom...

Nap time.

This guy makes falling asleep in a tree look easy.

There were about 100 birds flying around in this room. Can you spot any of 'em?

Here's one!

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This guy was a little easier to spot.

These two made me feel like I was the specimin being observed.