Along the way to Bellingham we passed a popular fishing spot.

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The scenic route to Bellingham was slower, but shouldn't life be when on vaction?

I'm glad I wasn't in a rush.

Welcome to Bellingham!

Elsa and Scott welcome us to their new home.

Elsa takes us for an afternoon walk around the area.

Kate and Elsa check out the fish hatchery.

This water shoot was kinf of like a waterslide for fish!

Along the trail we spotted many things, like this old boot!

It was home to a pair of plants.

I was delighted to spot one of my favorite photo subjects: a large slug!

Crunchy leaves!

We found the other boot which somebody had artfully displayed upon a pedestal.

It too housed a pair of plants.

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We ended our day with a stroll through town to the local brewery for dinner.