Gas Works Park

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Where space aliens come to live in Washington.

The Fremont Troll lurks under the bridge.

The Troll clutches VW Bug.

(there's a real VW Bug in there).

What a nice discovery to find this spot as a kid in the neighborhood.

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What the Troll sees.

Sculptures of Freemont waiting for the Interurban.

Seattlelites regularly decorate this sculpture.

Rumor has it that the face on the dog was sculpted after local legend Arman Napoleon Stepania, the unofficial Mayor of Fremont.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair...”

Fremont's rocket.

A Fremont local purchased this Lenin statue from Slovakia for $13,000.

Floating Boat Houses

Gretchen points out the boat house where her friend lives!

Even boat houses have garden gnomes!

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The view from the end of the pier is great. It'd be even better without Seattle's overcast weather.