San Juan Islands

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Ferry ride to San Juan.

The ferry ride gave me more than enough time for some Cruis'n.

I set a top 10 score on the Chicago track.

I feel a little like cattle as we were let off the ferry.

Welcome to San Juan!

Bike ride to Line Kiln Point

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The 18 mile round trip was a grind on our hotel's complementary 1-speed cruiser bikes,
but the farmland and coastal scenery made it well worth it

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Kate nears the top of a 1 mile incline. A quad-killer on the way up but a gorgeous, viscereal breeze on the way back down.

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We stop to take in the scenery and catch our breath.

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The coastal views take the rest of my breath away.

They say it's overcast and cloudy in Washington, but when the clouds look like this, who's complaining?

A good 9 miles across the island, Lime Kiln Point finally welcomes us.

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At the lookout, we're instantly rewarded with glimpses of several orca pods popping up beneath the shimmering water.

There are LOTS of them!

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We leave San Juan the next day at sunrise.