Rock Climbing at Devil’s Lake

Climbers, assemble!

Left to right: Claire, Molly, Wyllys, Eric, Kate, Leah and Andrew. Not pictured: me!

Now that is one hefty hank of rope you've got there.

Kate surveys our site.

Andrew and Molly observe our guide Eric as he skillfully sets anchor on "Berkley."

Eric is also skilled at telling jokes.

Looking down "Boy Scout" Molly makes her way up.

The wall behind Molly is rated a tad bit more difficult than what she's on.

We stick to the easy stuff for now.

For a first-time climber, Molly handled her rocks pretty well.

Molly fights her way over a stubborn overhang.

Smile, you made it to the top!

The reward is a nice view — always more exciting when clinging to the side of a rock.

Leah appears to be either A) curious about the knot Wyllys is tying or
B) not sure whether he is to be trusted with her lifeline.

Leah gets going on "Berkley" and finds a nice diagonal ledge that makes things easy for a while.

Hmm... where to now?

Exploring up the corner works for a while.

We watch and learn what works and what doesn't.

Eventually Leah runs out of options up the corner route.

Wyllys on belay as Kate looks on.

I give "Berkley" a shot and avoid that troublesome corner.

The first half was a snap, but then a few overhangs towards the top make things difficult.

Yee-haw, topsies!

I must be so far up the rock that it's too difficult to get me in focus!

Rapelling back down is lots of fun!

In between climbs, I welcome the pleasure to relax and watch others go at it.

Kate muscles her way up the base of "Britain."

Andrew gets to work on "Britain."

“You put your right foot in, you put your left foot out...”

My turn on "Britain."

Phew. Time for a quick break.

I learned to love cracks.

But sometimes my relationship with gravity was just too strong.

Hi there!

Wait, you want me to go where??

Kate gives this rock a try and encounters the same tricky spot that had thwarted Molly.

More of the Hokey Pokey dance as Kate figures things out.

Faced with a difficult traversal, Kate shows off a couple interesting climbing maneuvers.

But eventually gets the job done.

My turn!!



One of our neighbors tackles a more difficult climb.

Hangin' out.

I feel like there should be an villain with a pointy mustashe stomping on Wyllys' fingers here.


Wyllys strikes a boss pose for the camera.

Claire is determined to reach the top.

And indeed she does.

That's a deadly good view.

We spotted a pretty sweet hot rod on our drive home.