St Louis

The City Museum

Looking up from the parking lot we marvel at a school bus leaping from the edge of a rooftop above an airplane perched five stories in the air and draped in slinky coils.

Indoor Spaces

Dazzling walkways connected many rooms within this museum.

Bedazzled little ones.

It's as if MC Escher, Antonio Gaudi and Terry Gilliam collaborated to design a human-sized hamster tube cage.

We walk around and find a hole in the floor that leads somewhere...?

Curious Kate checks it out.

Down the rabbit hole Kate shockingly disceovers an alternate verion of herself that likes to pose in dark caverns.

Where's Waldo?

Looking up at the 10-story corkscrew slides.


A series of tubes.

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Now boarding flight 666.

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A reallyfast slide down to the ground floor.

Now you see her, now you don't!

The Rooftop

Please allow me to drive you off the edge of this building!

“Ok kids, everybody off the bus...”

Struthiocamelus sunt optimi.

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob.


Indoor Exhibits

The bug room!

Lots of bugs.

Some big, some small.

A case full of stick bugs.

They don't blend in so well when they're stuck with a pin against white styrofoam.

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I may need to re-think any travel plans to Ecuador.

Kate was happy to find some rooms that showcased architecture. I liked the gargoyles.

This one was creepiest.

I felt it watching me as I looked around the room.

Some of the walls were decorated with old printing press blocks.


I give the human-sized hamster wheel a good spin.

Somebody left the vault wide open.

We escape the vault room through a kaleidoscopic passageway.

This sumo statue is no match for a human.