Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake

Cleopatra's Needle

Kate ties in.

Cleopatra's Needle

Kate ties in.

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Crowe checks out the view from atop the Needle.

Claire gives it a go.

Wyllys takes a different approach.

My turn on the Needle!

Next time I'll bring a camera with me on the way up.

"Just stand up with your left leg!"


Crowe is a master griller.

The Bone

I get to work on the Bone.

Boss move.

The first of two crux points.

Up and over.

Crowe gets his mitts on the Bone.

Composit Crowe!

Crush that crux!!

As Crowe finishes up his climb Claire begins her own route.

Wyllys on Bone.

Kate proves to be a bone-afide climber.

Jacob's Ladder

Claire dashes her way up the Ladder.

Leah checks her knot and gets set to climb the Ladder.

No climbing trip to Devil's Lake would be complete without a round of Bloody Mary's at the Barn.

I think the stack of garnish is taller than the pint glass.