Bellingham, Washington

South Bay Trail

We stopped at some curious places along the way to Boundary Bay Brewery.

This was a peculiar building with an enormous mailbox and a tiny door.

I should have asked Kate to swing on the mailbox poll to give a better sense of scale.

It really was a huge mailbox.

Huge mailbox, tiny door.

We'd reached our destination.

The folks at Boundary Bay were busy hoisting this keg which would drop at midnight.

I wondered whether or not it was full.

Maybe Scott shouldn't have switched off the auto-focus for this shot.

The ornaments look great though!

We walked back along the bay as the sun set ahead of us.

A train passed.

Great views of Canadian mountains.

I asked this fellow what kind of instrument he was playing.

He said it was a "UFO Drum" and played a melody fit for the sunset.

The last sunset of 2012 was a good one from where I stood.

While we were away Elsa's truck was visited by the self-promotion fairy Barbara the Psychic!

Elsa wondered why she was so lucky to get two business cards when every other car got only one.

Perhpas it was so Elsa can share the good vibes with her friends from Chicago.

Mountain Views

Elsa shared some incredible mountain views with us.

Mount Baker.

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Canadian mountains were visible from Birch Bay.

This road led us to many more incredible views of Mt. Baker.

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I wasn't sure what was a more gorgeous sight:
the golden field, the blue sky, or the mountains in the the distant horizon.

New Years Eve

One of the games we played on New Years Eve.

Clearly a bit more of a challenge when drinking.

A mustache glass is spotted!

Oh, Elsa.