Hoodoo Hike

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Can you spot the hoodoos?

Hike to C Level Cirque

Ingrid laces up a new boots for the first time.

The Canadian Rockies is as good a place as any to break a good pair of boots.

Cirque hike — Elevation Gain: 1,495 ft, Distance: 5.2 m

After a few switchbacks and about 1,500 ft elevation gain, we got a nice glimpse of Canada.

And then just around the bend was the Cirque!

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Along the hike we came upon an old house that was pretty unassuming from the outside.

Each of the interior walls told a different story.

Three Sisters.

Banff area Lakes

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Lake Minnewanka.

Two Jack Lake.

Mt Norquay Scenic Drive

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A quick drive offered scenic views overlooking Banff and the surrounding valley.

Sunset at Vermillion Lakes

Waiting for the sunset we found a couple spots with great views of Mt Rundle.

Time passes easy with views like these.

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Unfortunately it got buggy and we were hungry for dinner.

Another day of the Canadian Rockies awaited...