Bow Lake

After days of overcast and rainy weather, waking up to a sunny blue sky was a welcome sight!

The sunny weather stayed with us for most of our drive South from Jasper.

Great views along the way.

It didn't take long for the clouds to find us.

A quick stop at Mistaya Canyon.

Bow Lake

We stopped at Num-ti-Jah Lodge where we planned to hike from Bow Lake to Bow Falls.

When we first arrived, Bow Lake was still sparkling under the sun.

Though a wall of ominous clouds lurked in the distance.

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Guess which direction we were heading?

It was all smiles for about the first 30 minutes.

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The weather may have dampened my mood, but Kate kept a smile on her face.

I ate a soggy sandwich in solitude as Kate and Ingrid hiked back in the rain.

It was actually kind of peaceful.

And the water had a deeper turquise blue color without the sun reflecting on it.

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The Num-ti-Jah Lodge and a hot cup of coffee greeted me upon my return.