Canadian Rockies

Lake Louise

We arrived at Lake Louise bright and early and under sunny blue skies.

Fairview Mountain Hike

I didn't know it yet, but I'd be hiking from where I'm standing to the top of that mountain today.

Along the way to Fairview there were frequent views out to this ski slope.

This photo is for Ingrid.

Kate observes another warning for bears atop Saddleback and we decide to continue on up Mt Fairview.

Ingrid looks for bears on the last leg of our hike; Kate hydrates.

It got steep pretty fast. And then it stayed steep the rest of the way.

1,443 feet elevation gain over 0.80 miles.

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Once you clear the treeline, the valley opens up.

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The glacier-capped mountain across the way appeared to have fresh snow on top.

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Kate keeps a smile on her face despite our endless march uphill.

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We spotted a chipmunk.

I think it's OK for me to admit it was pretty adorable.

Ingrid had no reservations in showing her affection towards the little creature.

We never seemed to get any closer to the top of this never-ending ascent.

At long last we reach the top of Mt. Fairview.

There was a steep drop-off at the top.

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And the views were worth every step

Looking down on where the delta feeds into Lake Louise.

A close-up of a distant glacier reveals some interesting rock-slide patterns in the snow.

Ingrid doesn't smile when she hikes.

There it is!!

Kate is always smiling!

Three happy campers.

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Still smiling.

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When you're not moving, it gets chilly up here.

But the view was still incredible.

I could have hung out here for hours, but it was time to head back down.

Kate pauses to admire the valley.

The Icefields Parkways that connects Banff and Jasper.

Skree surfing.

Some choose to scramble all the way back down.

We took the slow and steady path.

And why not with such an incredible view ahead?

Looking back up at the peak we had just summited.

Fairview Lookout

We hiked out to the Fairview Lookout on our way down.

You can rent canoes and take them out on the lake.

Unfortunately for those canoers, the water only has this color when you're looking down at it.

But it looks pretty awesome from down here too.

After spending the day on a quiet trail, we were greeted by a wall of tourists.

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Before heading home for the day I take one final look at Lake Louise and back up at Mt. Fairview.