Plain of Six Glaciers

Our day starts with another inviting view of Lake Louise

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The trail led us past Mirror Lake.

Kate reflects.

Tea House #1

We took a short rest at the first teahouse by Lake Agnes.

Though tempting, we passed on food and drink but enjoyed the view.

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More great sights as we continued to Little Beehive.

A 300mm zoom lens helped me spot some hikers atop Mt. Fairview where we had been the day before.

After admiring the views from Little Beehive we set our sights on the Plain of Six Glaciers.

Tea House #2

By now we were pretty starved and gobbled down some lunch.

Fellow hikers enjoyed a rest amidst the surrounding meadow.

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From up here there were some great views back down into Lake Louise.

We chose to continue on a bit further.

I'm glad we did because it got pretty awesomely surreal.

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Don't fall in!

Though I was sad to say goodbye, I also looked forward to the return hike.

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... because this is what you got to look at most of the way back.

Jon and Kate were here!

We spotted some rock climbers on our way back.