Rangers vs Angels

Rangers vs Angels

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

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April 6, 2013 -- Josh Harrison vs Tommy Hanson.

Trout makes contact sending a ball towards the middle infield.

A close play at 1st.

A dollar to anybody who can guess what Trout is thinking here.

Congratulations, you win a dollar.

The usual song and dance.

Trout steals second by a mile.

The sight of Albert Pujols in an Angels uniform is still unfamiliar to me.

The sight of a team intentionally walking Albert Pujols is very familiar to me.

Josh Hamilton recently switched uniforms too and the crowd today is really into taunting their former hero.

That's what they call "chin music" in baseball.

Mike Trout watches one of today's seven home runs sail over the wall.

Hamilton gets a nice piece of it, but flies out to left fielder David Murphy.

Josh once again gave Texas fans reason to cheer, this time by striking out twice en route to a 0-4 day at the plate.

I could not believe it. Texas finally decided to pitch to Pujols.

Big mistake.

This is what often happens when you pitch to Pujols.

Pictured: One Pujols Home Run, 2 Angels fans and 100+ Texas fans.

As a Cubs fan I've seen this more times than I care for.

More home runs.

This oddly shaped balloon somehow made its way onto the field.

Peter Bourjos is a good man.

Who let these guys onto the field?

Daniel Boone wins the race by the length of his racoon tail.

These guys kind of stood out in the crowd.

They say everything is bigger in Texas.

When Mike Trout is on the field, the grass just seems a little greener.

Surprise, surprise — another intentional walk.

For the day, Pujols was intentionally walked three times and homered in his other two at bats.

Angels would go on to win 8-4, a pretty low-scoring game considering the seven home runs.