Art, Culture and Monster Trucks

When friends visit me in Chicago I make sure they see everything this city has to offer, and in this case that also meant a trip to see (and smell) Gravedigger and some other monster trucks at the Monster Jam.  To commemorate the visit, I created a fun little interactive sequence using a few photos and videos I shot from a fun weekend in Chicago.

Project Highlights

  • Used this piece as an opportunity to explore some new flash scripting techniques as I played around with photo, audio, and video.
  • Learned how to stream video content into my Flash environment and handle multiple instances of them as interactive scripted objects.
  • Played around with audio design, sound looping and interactive volume control within the Flash environemnt.

Project Info


Personal Project


Personal Project


Interactive Design, Flash, Actionscript

Millenium Park

Millenium park is one of the crown jewels of Chicago.  Aside from "the bean" and other permanent artistic installations you can always find something new on display. Here, I took a series of photos from a panoramic and instead of simpy stitching them together, thought it'd be more interesting to deliberately keep them separate from one another, overlapping at different points with each moving at their own rate of speed and accelleration as the user pans lef tto right with their mouse.


Cultural Center's Tiffany Dome and a Trip to Monster Jam

The Tiffany Dome in the Cultural Center is always a sight to behold. I created a similar treatment with an interactive assembly of photos that creates an interesting effect when mousing around it.  I extended that idea with some video footage I grabbed form a Monster Truck show we attended to round out a nice weekend visit.

Try it out!