Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

Collaborated with Froeter Design Co. to create interactive Flash pieces for Indiana University's Strategic National Arts Alumni Project.  The talented team at Froeter Design provided the static design mockups, university data and I took care of the rest.

Project Highlights

  • Brought some amazing visual mockups to interactive life.
  • Learned new programatic ways of doing things in Flash by creating multidimensional arrays to manage and visually display all the data. This also made it relatively easy for Froeter Design to change the data on their own as needed, as well as adjust other elements such as colors.
  • Explored practical methods that would allow Froeter Design to dynamically pull in data from an external XML file.
  • Scripted some nifty intro animations for each piece.

Project Info


Indiana University


Froeter Design Co.


Interactive Design, Flash, Actionscript


The Occupations flash piece provides statistical employment data of surveyed participants catagorized by those with jobs within the arts and outside of he arts. Clicking into each field gives further detail and breakdown of statistical information. The challenge I nailed was making everything look and interact nicely, but also harnessing the power of multi-dimensional arrays to keep the data manageable from source file data to scalable XML file imports.

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Froeter wasn't satisfied with how a customized Google Maps solution fit their design and needs so I stepped in and developed a custom interface in Flash that hit the spot. The result is an interactive display that expresses some in-depth statistics of alumni arts professionals across North America. 

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This one was pretty simple.  But like the others, I took the initiative to make the opening animation something special. Once the geometric shapes find their resting place, Froeter's design, their client's data, and a few strokes of Actionscript code from my hand do the rest. I was happy to be a part of making it all come together so nicely.

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