Oregon Hot Springs

The drive from Portland to Crater Lake takes us past
some of Oregon's natural hot springs.

Gretchen scoots her way accross the falen tree.

I didn't mind getting my feet wet early.

The gentle incline leaves Kate out of breath and
Gretchen with some unusual tears of laughter.

More improvised river crossing. This time Gretchen doesn't mind the water.

A luscious waterfall along the way.

Kate and Gretchen relax in the hot springs.

I soak it up in another pool.

You can't see from these photos, but we were surrounded by nude bathers including one lady who was flawlessly executiny some extreme yoga completely in the buff.

It felt very Oregon-ey around here.

Another quick stop on the way to Crater Lake. Mt. Thielsen rises behind us.

Crater Lake

My first glimpse of the magnificent Crater Lake.

Crater Lake lodge. Our visit coincided with an antique car event.

The lodge perched on the side of the crater. Here we are enjoying the patio.

Shots from a drive around the Crater

Waterfall and flowers.

(Click to enlarge)

Fossil fumaroles of Crater Lake.

A look down into the magnificent deep blue of Crater Lake.

"Phantom Ship” island.

The "chaps" were on tour.

Wildflower Hike

Weiner and marshmallow roast at the end of the day.

Lodge lights at night.

It was always worth getting up early to catch the sunrise.

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Hike up Mt. Scott

Halfway up Gretchen, Kate and Marcile enjoy a break.

Looking off the peak of Mt. Scott.

Looking down from Mt. Scott.

(feet for perspective)

Crater Lake Cliff Jumping

I take a leap into Crater Lake from a rock outcropping.

I jumped in quite a few times.

Kate's brother John catches a nice profile shot of my flying tiger pounce style.

That crater water is as cold as it is blue.

Kate takes a turn!

I wish I could say this was me. Some dude showed off some olympic style dives.

Sunset Hike up The Watchman Mountain.

Looking out on the moraine from the trail.

(click to enlarge)


We found an interesting beetle in our car. I could not resist playing with it.

Salt Creek Falls

We stop at Salt Creek Falls on the way to Eugene.

Salt Creek Falls is the second highest waterfall in Oregon.

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A lunch stop at Rogue Brewery

Oregon Coast

Cape Meares.

Walking up the Cape Meares Lighthouse.

This rock chirped with life from the tens of thousands of birdlife.
(Click to enlarge)

The octopus tree!

... is very mysterious!

Tunnel Beach, Oceanside.

Devil's Punch Bowl.

Dedicated surfers on a calm and overcast day.

The beachfront at Manzanita.

Making sand-drip trees castles.

Hug Point Beach.

A return to Bill's Tavern where we enjoy a taster of their excellent microbrews.

Kate and Jon pass some time with the napkin drawing game.


Back in Portland, we attend a cupping at Stumptown coffee.

Oregon youth play in the public fountain sculpture.

An impressive entryway to the Oregon ReBuilding Center.

A stop at the Rogue Ale House.

Oregon sky.

Some interesting bathroom graffiti art at Rontoms.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Croquet at Gretchen's House

John and Charles get the grill started on the new deck Charles built.

I'm pretty sure John just finished saying something
very funny and is now waiting for a response.

A bee-utiful flower in Gretchen's garden.