Oregon Coast


Breakfast at the Octogon

You can't spell "breakfast" at the Ansorges' without a Dutch Baby somehow worked in there.

Relaxing with Bloody Mary's on the deck on a sunny afternoon — what could be better?

Cape Meares Pig Roast

Spike showcases the grisly remains.

Charles fills his plate with a few choice pieces of pork.

I wish you wouldn't photograph me while I'm eating.


Apparently there were two pigs at this roast.

And if you are going to photograph me,
at least get me in focus.

We failed to win this frog mirror at the silent auction.

Backwoods Hike to the Cove

Low tide.

A clear view of Cape Meares and the lake where we kayaked just beyond.

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The setting sun cast long shadows.

It looked as though some of these rocks were trying to get a better view of the sunset.

We start up a small bonfire as the sun goes down.

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