Deleted Scenes & Outtakes

Drumheller, Land of Dinosaurs

On the road to Drumheller.

A quick stop at Horseshoe Canyon.

... the "Grand Canyon" of Canada?

Pretty surreal.

Back on the road and we finally make it there.

This little jog in the opposite direction of amazing Canadian wilderness had better be worth it.

Points for cool signage.


Totally worth it.

No dogs in the dinosaur.

... but Kate was allowed.

That dinosaur is no match for Ingrid, I can tell you that much.

Oh Canada!

OMG! When is the last time you got to play in a sprinkle pond with dinosaurs looming in the distance?!??

Kate strikes a pose.

We searched the town for a spot to grab a burger but found only pizza joints and dinosaurs.

Pssst, there's a dinosaur right behind you two!

This little guy was having big fun.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Drumheller!

Drive to Canmore


There was a lot of this until the Canadian Rockies began to rise up around us.

Geology is a crazy thing.

A nice view towards the Three Sisters at sunset from our balcony in Canmore.

Banff Outtakes

The Fairmont at Banff Springs.

We paid three dollars to park in their lot to look around and use a bathroom.

Wildlife spotting: a pack of men, women and cars.

These guys had enough cameras themselves, but I played the role of Paparazzi.

Although it was all a little ridiculous, I actually kinda' thought their photo shoot was a cute idea.

And of course I still fawned over their nice rides.

I wish I'd taken a nice low-angle, but this will have to do.

Elsewhere in Banff.

We each took turns trying to emulate the pose of a swimsuit model.

Pitchers of pilsner from the rooftops of Canada.

Bonus: A rainbow joined us for our second pitcher.

A diary we found on a bench at sunset by Vermillion Lakes.

Parker Ridge Outtakes

In other words, we choose not to camp here.

Ingrid, always on the lookout for bears.

Good to go.

Kate likes nature.

Kate likes ballet.

Kate likes... a fully geared-up pirouette?

Ingrid charges up her leg in a mysterious spot of grass before performing...

Warning: do not fall into the glacier.

Opal Hills Outtakes

Still trying to get that swimsuit pose just right.

And it was a damn good beer too.

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

More views from our day.

We ended our day in the town of Jasper a pitcher of beer and a rainbow.

Lake Louise Outtakes

Lake Louise on an overcast day. Roll-over to see it on a sunny day.

The Canadian Rockies sure had some classy trees.

Ingrid is not a fan of heights.

I'm not afraid of heights.

More shots of cute chipmunks.