Ravello & Cetara


Today's route: 20 miles plus an elevation gain of 1,198 feet.

Our day starts more or less at the base of Ravello.

The creature depicted on this mural is more or less how I felt once I got to the top or Ravello.

And so it begins...

The bike ride to the top of Ravello was a strenuous 45-minutes of continuous incline.

Once we reached the top, we were happy to find a water fountain.

The white church is Ravello's Duomo.

There were plenty of neat decorative motiffs throughout.

Kate walks beneath the entrance to Villa Rufolo.

The venue is home to the annual two-month long Ravello Festival
featuring world reknown music and dance performances.

Kate tries out the stage.

We explore some of the other areas around Villa Rufolo.

What a view from the top!

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Biking back down was much easier.

(About 6 minutes vs. the 45 we took on our way up)


We take a break for lunch and relax on the beach at Minori.

Before long, we were back pedaling away to the next town.

As we biked from town to town, I was constantly amazed at how many incredible
outdoor restaurants and cafes dotted the picturesque landscape.

This last stretch took a lot out of me.


We stopped at Maiori along the way.

We seek out one of Maiori's many outdoor cafes.

Sal De Riso is an award winning pastry and gelato shop.

We made sure to sample a few of the chef's flavors.

Like most of the small towns along the coast, Maiori had a big church.


At long last we reach our destination for the day.

Our boat makes its way into the harbor.

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Due to our boat's size, water currents, and gusting wind, our captain had some difficulty docking our boat.

It took some effort but Davide and his crew ultimately see things through.

Load 'em up!

After a long day of biking, it was really nice to return to the comforts of our boat.

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Views of the Amalfi coast are just so much better from a boat.

Sail to Capri

We set sail for the island of Capri.

We'd occasionally spot some old castle that appeared to be growing out of the mountainside.

More swimming!!

There's nothing quite like floating in the sea without a care in the world.

The salt water only added to my ease.

You could also use the walkway off the stern to get a nice jump.

I'm not the most graceful diver but I do know how to have fun.

Shots from the water, compliments of our travel buddy Andreas Welter and his water-proof helmet-cam.

Andreas' daughter Libby models her fins and makes a splash!

Captain Ernesto gives me a preview of tonight's dinner.

Big fish for big appetites: The largest is a Dentex, and the others are St. Peter's Fish (aka Tilapia).

We sail past the southern side of Capri and marvel at a pair of notable villas. On the left is where Sophia Loren
lived at one point. To the right is Villa Malaparte, one of the best examples of Italian Modernist architecture.

Villa Malaparte's picturesque seclusion comes at a cost however: it's a 90 minute walk from Capri and
you can only reach it by sea on calm days because of rough waters surrounding the rock.
If you arrive by sea, you must go up 99 steps to get to the home.
A smaller fishing boat is dwarfed by the island's cliffside.

The Grotta Meravigliosa where a likeness of the Virgin Mary can be seen in the cave formations.

In the distance we approach the iconic rocks of Capri known as the Faraglioni.
From left to right: Mezza, Scopolo (the arch), and Stella (attached to Capri).

Scopolo is home to a rare species of blue lizard not known to inhabit any other place in the world.

We begged out captain to try to sail through but he refused.

From the other side the rock glowed against the sunset.

We anchored for the night in open water, the long and winding Via Krupp visible in the distance.

Wine and a sunset. Cheers!

As the sunlight fades, the moonlight fills the water around us.

Below deck our chef puts the finishing touches on our dinner.

Though it might look peaceful, sleeping on a wooden boat anchored in open water is anything but.

I wake up early to catch another sunrise.

I eagerly await our day exploring Capri.